Upper Elementary Teachers, Are You Ready to Save Time?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of resources are available?  

There are resources for a variety of skills:  

  1. Reading Resources: Resources for teaching main idea, point of view, comparing and contrasting, character traits, cause and effects, text features, making inferences, connotation, figurative language, context clues, reading comprehension, writing, and more.  
  2. Math Resources: Resources for teaching fractions, rounding, word problems,  probability, and more.
  3. Seasonal Resources: Resources to use throughout the year geared toward popular holidays and seasons  - Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black History Month, End of Year, and more.
  4. Other Resources: Resources for teaching science (natural disasters, space, butterflies, and more) and social studies (American Symbols, historical leaders, and more)
There are independent, small group, and whole group activities.  Many of the activities are scaffolded to help support your struggling students.  
Although there are many resources to teach a variety of skills, this membership does not currently contain resources for every single skill addressed in upper elementary.  You should check out what is currently available to make sure it meets your needs.  
Click the button below to see all of the resources available.  You will be able to download any of the resources with the red "Free" next to them.  

2. What grade levels can use these resources?

These resources are geared for upper elementary teachers.  3rd and 4th grade teachers will be able to utilize all of the resources.  

Some of the resources might be a little too difficult for 2nd graders, while othe resources will be a little too easy for 5th graders.  

Any upper elementary teachers that are constantly looking for activities to help supplement their curriculum or differentiate for student needs will benefit from these resources.