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These resources have been developed for upper elementary classrooms.

2nd Grade Teachers might find some of these resources, particularly the reading comprehension passages, a little too difficult for their students to complete on their own.   Many of these resources could be used in 2nd grade as whole class or small group activities, or to challenge your high learners.  

Most 3rd Grade Teachers should be able to use everything in their classrooms.  

Most 4th Grade Teachers should be able to use almost everything in their classrooms.

5th grade teachers will probably find that some of these resources are too easy for your students.  However, if you are constantly struggling to find differentiated resources that offer support and scaffolding for your struggling students, many of these resources could be beneficial to you.  

Any upper elementary teachers that are constantly looking for activities to help supplement their curriculum or differentiate for student needs will benefit from these resources.  

What You Should Know Before You Buy

There are resources for a huge variety of topics covered in upper elementary grade, but not for everything.  

I am currently lacking in resources for things like multiplication, area and perimeter, author's purpose, grammar, and more.  

I'll be asking members to tell me what resources they would like me to create, and constantly adding more resources at no additional cost to you.

Before you buy, check out what is currently available to see if it will meet your needs.  

You'll only be able to download the activities that say "FREE" next to them.  However, you will be able to see what sorts of resources will be available to you.  


Here's What You'll Get:
Engaging Resources

Literacy Resources

Includes a huge variety of resources for teaching main idea, text features, point of view, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, character traits, figurative language, and more!

Many of these resources are scaffolded to help students develop a firm understanding of each of these concepts.  

Math Resources

Includes a huge variety of resources for teaching fractions, rounding, probability, and more.  Also, there are daily math practice sheets for ALL YEAR LONG (geared towards 3rd grade standards).  

The fraction resources included are some of my best sellers.  They are scaffolded to help students - even struggling students - really understand the difficult concepts.  

Seasonal Resources

Includes a huge variety of resources based on seasonal themes throughout the year for things like Constitution Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black History Month, and more.  

Future Resources

You'll also have access to ALL of the resources I create in the future without having to pay any additional cost.

Before I create future resources, I'll be sending out surveys to see what resources are most needed.  The teachers that buy this membership will have a say in what resources I create next.  

BUY NOW and Take Back Your Weekends!